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How To Use Truesizer© Conversion Program

Firstly, download the program off the website. A link is on most of the pages on my website.

Download FREE Truesizer Conversion Program

Install the program to your Program Files, the auto installer will typically do that anyway, unless you direct it somewhere else during the installation process. So just let it do it's thing.

Once you have the program installed, have saved the files you want to convert to a folder somewhere handy and created a folder to save the converted files; open the program.

The first thing that opens will be an advertisement for one of their other products, so just click on CLOSE, wait a few seconds and the program will open to the screen shown below.

Point your curser to FILE on the task bar and click OPEN.

Next window that opens will ask you WHERE to look for the file you want to open and WHAT FORMAT THAT FILE IS IN.

So, if you want to open a PCS, JEF or any type file to convert it to your type. When converting a free CinDes file, you will choose PCS.

Find PCS on the menu next to Files of type as shown below and click.

Now don't freak out when you get this message saying it's not a native .EMB file, as shown below, it's just a warning letting you know that it has limitations to what it can do. Just click OK and keep going.

The file you chose will open after clicking OK noted above.

Next you want to save this PCS file as the type of file you need.

Click on File in the upper left corner of the task bar and a window will open asking where you want to save your file and in what format.

Choose from the drop down menu next to Save as type. Find the format you want, click on it and then click save. As shown below.

Depending on the format you use and the hoop sizes available, you will then be asked to choose what hoop size you want the file saved. Typically, it measures in millimeters (mm). For example, PES hoop sizes are shown below.

Remember, that this is not magic :. If you take a small file and enlarge it a bit, or re-size a bit smaller than the original, you should have no problems. Don't expect it to give you good results from making significant changes.

Just like anything, copies are never as good as the original. So be prepared for some slight imperfections in your converted files. All in all, you will be pleased with the results.. (I hope!!!)

Just click OK and you should be finished converting that file. I would then check to see if it worked before doing any more to assure you have got it right.. It's such a bummer to do 10 files then realize you stuffed them up!! (ask me how I know!!)

Hope this works for you… Have fun!!