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N e w  G u i n e a


machine embroidery designs by CinDes

17 designs in this set. As with the Australian designs, color and texture bring a new life to these ancient designs.


Design 1 - Mixed Fills


Design 8 - Satin



Design 9 - Mixed Fills



Design 9a - Motif Fill


Design 15 - Motif Fill


Design 15a - omplex Fill


Design 16 - Motif Fill

Design 16a - 2 sizes - Mixed Fills




Design 17abc2 - Motif Fills





Design 17abc1 - Mixed Fills


Design 17c - Mixed Fills




Design 17cc - Motif Fill



Design 17b - Mixed Fills



Design 17bb - Motif Fill


Design 17a - Complex Fill



Design 17aa - Running Stitch

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