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How Do I....


Pay for purchases??

We use only PayPal for all purchases. If you do not have or want a PayPal account, you can use your credit card at the checkout through PayPal.

When and how will I recieve my designs??

PayPal sends me the order with the email address that you have provided them. IF you want the designs sent to a different address, make a note in the special instructions box on PayPal check out.

Once I recieve confirmation of an order and payment from Payal I will sen an email with a link to the zip file download or will include an attachment in the email. This should come to you within 24 hours of making your purchase (remember there is a huge time difference unless you are in the southern hemisphere!)

If you are paying with an E-Cheque, we will wait for confirmation from Paypal that the check has cleared. That can take up to 7 working days. Unfortunately for my own protection I will wait for checks to clear, unless you are a returning customer and have successfully purchased with a check in the past.

How do I convert PCS format designs to my format??

On each page that offers free designs in PCS format there is a link to a free download of Pulse Ambassador and a tutorial on how to use the program.

Now this is an old version, and the tutorial works with it. So if you get the Pulse Ambassador program from another source, I can't guarantee the tutorial will work with it.

Wilcom offers a free conversion program called Truesizer. They have recently updated that and you can access it through their website. They also offer tutorials on how to use it.


 Tajima Pulse-Ambassador Conversion Software

Click here for a tutorial on using Pulse-Ambassadorr


turuesizer wilcom logo

Download FREE Truesizer Conversion Program

Click here for a tutorial on using Truesizer

How do I find something on this website?

There are 2 ways to find stuff on this site. You can use the SITE MAP which gives you a coplete listing of every page on this site in order they appear on the menu.

Or you can use the Google search at the top of each page, just click button next to That will seach the site using tag words and will open a page with links to those particular pages.. Cool huh?


Any question that is not answered here? Just shoot me an email and I WILL answer!