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~ Sagittarius ~

Sagittarius Designs

The Archer

November 23 to December 21


Optimistic and good-humoured ~ Honest and straighforward

Intellectual and philosophical ~ Irresponsible and superficial

Tactless and careless

 4 designs


Sagittarius Designs

Sagittarius Designs Spec



Sagittarius Designs

Sagittarius Designs specs



Sagittarius Symbol

sm-Sagittarius Symbol Design specs

lg-Sagittarius Symbol Design specs



~ Capricorn ~

Capricorn Designs

The Goat

December 22 to January 20


Patient and careful ~ Practical and prudent

Humorous and reserved ~ Miserly and grudging

Pessimistic and fatalistic 

 4 designs


Capricorn Designs

Capricorn Designs Spec



Capricorn Design

Capricorn Designs spec



Capricorn Symbol

sm-Capricorn Symbol Design specs

lg-Capricorn Symbol Design specs



~ Aquarius ~

Aquarius Designs

The Water Bearer

January 21 to February 19


Friendly and humanitarian ~ Honest and loyal

Independent and inventive ~ Intractable and contrary

Detatched and unpredictable 

 4 designs

aquarius design

Aquarius Designs Spec



Aquarius Designs

Aquarius Designs specs



Aquarius Symbol

sm-Aquarius Symbol Design specs

lg-Aquarius Symbol Design specs



~ Pisces ~

Pisces Designs

The Fishes

February 20 to March 20


Imaginative and sensitive ~ Selfless and unworldly

Compassionate and kind ~ Escapist and idealist

Vague and weak-willed

This is my sign.. the desription fits pretty well!! =)

 4 designs


Pisces Design

Pisces Design Spec



Pisces Design

Pisces Design specs



Pisces Symbol

sm-Pisces Symbol Design specs

lg-Pisces Symbol Design specs



Starsigns Design

Star Signs Design

Starsigns design Spec


Sun Design

Sun Design

Sun Design Specs


Sun Stars Designs

Sun Stars Design

Sunstars Design Spec


Planet Design

Planet Design

Planet Design Spec


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We use PayPal for all purchases 
 12 Signs of the Zodiac Collection 

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