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Zodiac Page 2

~ Leo ~

Leo Designs

The Lion

July 23 to August 22


Generous and warmhearted ~ Creative and enthusiastic

Faithful and loving ~ Pompous and patronising

Bossy and interfering 

 4 designs


Leo Design

leoi Design specs



Leo Design

Leo Design specs



Leo Symbol

sm-Leo Symbol Design specs

lg-Leo Symbol Design specs



~ Virgo ~

Virgo Designs

The Virgin

August 23 to September 23


Modest and shy ~ Meticulous and reliable

Intelligent and practical ~ Fussy and a worrier

Perfectionist and conservative


 4 designs

Virgo Designs

Virgo Design Spec



Virgo Designs

Virgo Design specs



Virgo Symbol

sm-Virgo Symbol Design specs

lg-Virgo Symbol Design specs



~ Libra ~

Libra Designs

The Scales

September 24 to October 23


Romantic and charming ~ Idealistic and peaceable

Easygoing and sociable ~ Gullible and easily influenced

Flirtatious and self-indulgent

 4 designs

Libra Designs

Libra Design Spec



Libra Design

Libra Design specs



Libra Symbol

sm-Libra Symbol Design specs

lg-Libra Symbol Design specs



~ Scorpio ~

Scorpio Designs

The Scorpion

October 24 to November 22


Determined and passionate ~ Emotional and intuitive

Exciting and magnetic ~ Jealous and resentful

Compulsive and obsessive

 4 designs


Scorpio Designs

Design specs



Scorpio Designs

design specs



Scorpio Symbol

sm-design specs

lg-design specs



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We use PayPal for all purchases 
 12 Signs of the Zodiac Collection 

47 Designs


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