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~ Aries ~

Aries Designs

The Ram

March 21 - April 20


Adventurous and energetic ~ Pioneering and confident

Dynamic and quick-witted ~ Selfish and quick-tempered

Impulsive and impatient

4 Designs


Aries Design

Aries design spec


Aries Design


Aries Symbol


lg-Aries Design spec


~ Taurus ~

Taurus Design

The Bull

April 21 - May 21


Patient and reliable ~ Warmhearted and loving

Persistent and determined ~ Jealous and possesive

Resentful and inflexible

 4 Designs


Taurus Design 

Taurus Design spec



Taurus Design

Taurus Design Spec



Taurus Symbol

sm-Taurus Symbol Design specs

lg-Taurus Symbol Design specs



~ Gemini ~

Gemini Designs

The Twins

May 22 to June 21


Adaptable and versatile ~ Communicative and witty

Youthful and lively ~ Nervous and tense

Superficial and inconsistent

 4 designs


Gemini Design

Gemini Design specs



Gemini Design

Gemini Design specs



Gemini Symbol

sm-Gemini Symbol Design specs

lg-Gemini Symbol Design specs



~ Cancer ~

Cancer Designs

The Crab

June 22 to July 22


Intuitive and imaginative~ Emotional and loving

Shrewd and cautious ~ Changable and moody

Overemotional and touchy 

4 Designs


Cancer Design

Cancer Design specs



Cancer Design




Cancer Design

sm-Cancer Symbol Design specs

lg-Cancer Symbol Design specs


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We use PayPal for all purchases 
 12 Signs of the Zodiac Collection

47 Designs


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