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~Vintage Christmas Designs and Greetings~

machine embroidery designs by CinDes


48 Vintage Christmas machine embroidery designs only $10.00

24 different designs in 2 sizes to fit both 120x115mm and 100x100mm hoops

The Season of Christmas gives me a nostagic feeling and I actively seek out things old.. Here's a few bits and pieces I put together... Hope you enjoy them!

Finger Ornament Image

Finger Ornament

Small - 100x100mm-sm finger spec

Large - 120x115mm-lg finger spec


Yutide Greeting Image

Yultide Greetings


Small Yule 1 sm spec

Large lg Yule 1 spec

Yultide 2

Small sm Yule 2 spec

Large lg Yule 2 spec

Yultide 3

Small sm Yule 3 spec

Large lg Yule 3 spec


 Lantern image


Small - 100x100mm-sm lantern spec

Large - 120x115mm-lg Lantern spec


 Bird Bell Image

Holly Bird Bell

Small - 100x100mm-Bird Bell lg spec

Large - 120x115mm-Bird Bell lag spec


 Brass Horn Image


Small - 100x100mm-sm Horn spec

Large - 120x115mm-lg Horn spec


 Partridge Image


Small - 100x100mm-sm Partridge image

Large - 120x115mm-lg partridge spec


Candle 1 design

Candle 1

Small - 100x100mm-small spec

Large - 120x115mm-lg spec


 Santa Cane Image

Santa Cane

Small - 100x100mm-Santa cane sma spec

Large - 120x115mm-lg Santa Cane spec


 Word Tree Image

Word Tree

Small - 100x100mm-sm Word Tree spec

Large - 120x115mm-lg Word Tree spec


 Merry Xmas Greetings Image

Merry Christmas Greetings

Merry Christmas 1

Small Merry Xmas 1 sm spec

Large Merry Xmas 1 lg spec

Merry Christmas 2

Small Merry Xmas 2 sm spec

Large Merry Xmas 2 lg spec

Merry Christmas 3

Small Merry Xmas 3 sm spec

Large Merry Xmas 3 lg spec


 HNY Greetings Image

Happy New Year (HNY)1

Small HNY 1 sm spec

Large HNY 1 lg spec

Happy New Year 2

Small HNY 2 spec

Large HNY lg spec

Season's Greeting

Small seans sm spec

Large lg season spec


 More Merry Xmas Greetings Image

Merry Christmas 4

Small Merry Xmas 4 sm spec

Large Merry Xmas 4 lg spec

Merry Christmas 5

Small Merry Xmas 5 sm spec

Large Merry Xmas 5 lg spec

Merry Christmas 6

Small Merry Xmas 6 sm spec

Large Merry Xmas 6 lg spec

Merry Christmas 7

Small Merry Xmas 7 sm spec

Large Merry Xmas 7 lg spec


 Corner image

Candle Corner

Small - 100x100mm  sm corner spec

Large - 120x115mm  lg corner spec


 Corner 1 Image

Corner 1

Small sm Corner 1 spec

Large  lg Corner 1 spec


 Corner 2 Image

Corner 2

Small sm Corner 2 spec

Large lg Corner 2 spec



Designs will be emailed to you within 24 hours of CinDes recieving your payment.

Please be patient. :-)

We use PayPal™ for ALL purchases

We use PayPal for all purchases 

Vintage Christmas Collection

48 Designs 


All purchases in US Dollars

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All orders will be sent via Email to the address you provide with your order.  

They will be sent within 24 hours of CinDes receiving the PayPal transaction.

Commercial License

One time fee of $25.00 

Gives you limited rights to sew CinDes designs on items you sell.  
See my Terms of Use for details. 

All purchases in US Dollars



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