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r o c k   a r t   s e t   o n e


3 embroidery designs

This is a Shamen holding objects in both hands. Not sure what they are. Shamen are found everywhere in rock art. The spiral symbol in the background is another common glyph, I don't know it's meaning though. This is the first design I created with these wonderful art images.

figure with background large 

figure with background small (not pictured here)

figure only 



r o c k   a r t   s e t   t w o


2 embroidery designs

This owl one one of the first glyphs I saw, I instantly fell in love with him!

The symbol in the sky above him is a star.

figure with background


figure only 


r o c k   a r t   s e t   t h r e e


2 embroidery designs

2 Shamen, one with a flute.

figures large

figures small (not pictured) 


r o c k   a r t   s e t   f o u r


2 embroidery designs

This figure is a Shamen found in California. It's awesome!

figure large

figure small (not pictured)

r o c k   a r t   s e t   f i v e


1 embroidery design

This sheep with checkerboard can be found in various locations I just loved him..

figure large

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