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the Prim Designs Collections

machine embroidery designs by CinDes


I love primitive stuff. It's cute and ugly and plain and fancy.. It's whatever, however.. it's easy and it's awesome to digitize!! I go nuts with colors and textures and patterns..

I have a few artists who's work I adore and use to create these designs.

Cheryl Seslar Designs   Primlicious   Country Life   Whimsy Primsy   Tater Patch Graphics

These collections below can be viewed by clicking on the images.. HAVE FUN!!

 the Prim Halloween 2014 Collection 


 Mitten Pals Design Image

the Prim Christmas Mitten Pals Collection 


 the Prim Annies & Angels Collection

 Prim Annies and Angels Designs

 Prim Kids Designs

the Prim Kids Collection


the Spring Teacups & Sayings Collection 


Spring Teacups Designs Collection Image 

 Prim Annies and Sayings Designs

 the Dragonflies & Inspirational Sayings Collection

 the Country Prim & Sayings Collection

 country prim & sayings collection image


the Prim Seasons & Angel Sayings 


 the Prim Harvest Collection

 Prim Harvest Designs

 Prim Autumn Sheep & Borders DesignsAum

the Prim Autumn Sheep & Borders Collection 

the Prim Hallo-Weenies Collection

Prim Weenies Designs 

Prim Christmas 2008 Designs 

 the Prim Christmas 2008 Collection

the Prim Nutcrackers Collection 

Prim Nutcrackers Designs 

Prim Snow Ovals designs 

the Prim Snow Ovals Collection 

the Prim Santas & Stuff Collection

Prim Santas n Stuff Designs 

 Prim Christmas Ginger Wreath Designs

the Prim Ginger Wreath Collection 


We use PayPal™ for ALL purchases

We use PayPal for all purchases 

 All orders will be sent via Email to the address you provide with your order. 

They will be sent within 24 hours of CinDes receiving the PayPal transaction.

Commercial License

One time fee of $25.00 

Gives you limited rights to sew CinDes designs on items you sell.  
See my Terms of Use for details. 

All purchases in US Dollars



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