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~~Mandela Designs of India~~

Mandelas are designs that are meant to draw your eye to centre.

Many ancient cultures have used mandelas in meditation.

These particular machine embroidery designs are adapted from tradional mandela designs of India.


mandela 1 Multi Image

Mandela 1 Multicolour

 mandela 1 Design Specs 

 mandela 1 Mono Image

Mandela 1 Monochrome

mandela 1 MonoDesign Specs

mandela 2 Multi Image 

Mandela 2 Multicolour

mandela 2 Multi Specs

 mandela 2 Mono Image

Mandela 2 Monochrome

mandela 2 Mono Specs

mandela 3 Multi Image

Mandela 3 Multicolour

mandela 3 Multi Specs 

mandela 3 Mono Image 

Mandela 3 Monochrome

mandela 3 Mono Specs

 mandela 4 Multi Image

Mandela 4 Multicolour

mandela 4 Multi Specs

mandela 4 Mono Image 

Mandela 4 Monochrome

mandela 4 Mono Specs

 mandela 5 Multi Image

Mandela 5 Multicolour

mandela 5 Multi Specs

mandela 5 Mono Image 

Mandela 5 Monochrome

mandela 5 Mono Specs

 mandela 6 Multi Image

Mandela 6 Multicolour

mandela 6 Multi Specs

mandela 6 Mono Image 

Mandela 6 Monochrome

mandela 6 Mono Specs


  Mandela Collection


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64 embroidery designs for $20.00 

 Complete Traditional Designs of India Collection

Includes both Mandela and Sets of India Collections


All purchases in US Dollars

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Commercial License

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Gives you limited rights to sew CinDes designs on items you sell. 
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