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machine embroidery designs by CinDes

These playful and colourful embroidery designs were inspired by the Mola Art of the Kuna Indian Women from Panama. For over a century, these women have passed down a traditional form of intricate reverse applique to decorate their clothing for special occasions and celebrations. You can find the artists selling their needlecrafts to tourists at markets in Panama..

I have adapted this style for machine embroidery designs. Keeping the themes of nature, using the basic traditional colours of bright blue, pink, coral, mint green, purple, lemon yellow, black and white and the shapes found commonly in the art to celebrate this wonderful tradition.

Another terrific thing about these embroidery designs, is that when you sew the same design on different colour fabric, you create a totally different feel. Traditionally, they were sewn on bright red, bright orange, bright green or black fabric. The black background is my favourite. It allows the focus of the design to be on the shapes and colours themselves, also allowing them to jump out and grab you!! :)

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