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Letterbat Friends Alphabet

machine embroidery designs by CinDes

These new FREE alphabet embroidery designs digitized using the Letterbat Friends Font, comes in 2 sizes, small is approx 50 x 60 mm and the large is approx 60 x 80 mm. All FREE designs are only in PCS format! 
 ABC images
letter A  
sm-A small specs 
  lg-A lg specs 
letter B 
sm-B sm specs 
  lg-B lg specs 
letter C 
sm-C sm specs 
  lg-letter c specs 

DEF images

letter D  
sm-D small specs 
  lg-D lg specs 
letter E 
sm-E sm specs 
  lg-E lg specs 
letter F 
sm-F sm specs 
  lg-letter F lg specs 
  DEF images
letter G  
sm-G small specs 
  lg-G lg specs 
letter H 
sm-H sm specs 
  lg-H lg specs 
letter I 
sm-I sm specs 
  lg-letter I lg specs 
  JKL images
letter J 
sm-J small specs 
  lg-J lg specs 
letter K 
sm-K sm specs 
  lg-K lg specs 
letter L 
sm-L sm specs 
  lg-letter L lg specs 
  JKL images
letter M 
sm-m small specs 
  lg-m lg specs 
letter N 
sm-N sm specs 
  lg-N lg specs 
letter O 
sm-O sm specs 
  lg-letter O lg specs 
  PQR image
letter P 
sm-p small specs 
  lg-p lg specs 
letter Q 
sm-q sm specs 
  lg-Q lg specs 
letter R 
sm-R sm specs 
  lg-letter R lg specs 
  STU image
letter S 
sm-s small specs 
  lg-s lg specs 
letter T 
sm-t sm specs 
  lg-t lg specs 
letter U 
sm-U sm specs 
  lg-letter U lg specs 

  VWXYZ Image

letter V 
sm-V small specs 
  lg-V lg specs 
letter W 
sm-W sm specs 
  lg-W lg specs 
letter X 
sm-X sm specs 
  lg-letter X lg specs 
letter Y 
sm-Y sm specs 
  lg-letter Y lg specs 
letter Z 
sm-Z sm specs 
  lg-letter Z lg specs 



 These FREE embroidery designs are in PCS format,

you can convert to most any other format using a conversion program.
Click below for a free download.


   Tajima Pulse-Ambassador Conversion Software

Click here for a tutorial on using Pulse-Ambassador

 Wilcom Logo Image

  Click here for a tutorial on using Truesizer

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