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n a t i v e   a m e r i c a n   i n d i a n  r o c k  a r t


machine embroidery designs by CinDes

Machine embroidery designs inspired by Native American Indian Petroglyphs (rock art) found on rocks and cave walls in various locations through out North America.





These simple but fabulous images that are centuries old, have a charm that intrigues many people. They tell stories about life in times we can only speculate about.

One thing I do know about them.. They are Beautiful!!

Adapted to machine embroidery designs, they can be used in countless ways to create projects only bound by your imagination


15 different sets in six formats, DST, HUS, JEF, PCS, PES, XXX

Sizes to fit both 120 x 115 and 100 x 100 hoops.

50 embroidery designs in total


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Rock Art Page 1 -- Rock Art Page 2 -- Rock Art Page 3

 Set 1

3 designs

 Set 2

2 designs

 Set 3

2 designs

 Set 4

2 designs

 Set 5

1 design

 Set 6

3 designs

 Set 7

2 designs

Set 8

3 designs

 Set 9

5 designs

 Set 10

4 designs

 Set 11

2 designs

 Set 12

5 designs

 Set 13

4 designs

 Set 14

2 designs

 Set 15

2 designs



8 designs



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Cultural Art Collection 6

All 50 designs
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One time fee of $25.00 
Gives you limited rights to sew CinDes designs on items you sell. 
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