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Northwest Coast Native American Indian Art ~

machine embroidery designs by CinDes

22 designs in 2 sizes will fit 120 X 115 and 100x100 hoop

Available in DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PCS, PES, XXX formats

This collection of indigenous cultural embroidery designs is inspired by artworks by Native Indians of the Pacific Northwest Coast of America and Canada.

Each ZIP file contains 2 folders. One folder with the designs themselves along with a second folder that contains the images of each design's specifications, including measurements, stitch count and colour sequence.


 The art of the the Native Indian Nations from the Northwest coast of North America and Canada lends itself perfectly to digitizing into machine embroidery designs. This wonderful art, rich yet simple has interested me for many years.

When I was a kid growing up in Chicago (which is an Indian word for "bad smell" I have been told!) my uncle went to live in Anchoridge Alaska. The first Christmas he sent our family gifts of placemats that were decorated with Haida art. We used those placemats every evening at supper. Each placemat was different and over the years I got to study each one. But until now, I did not understand the what the forms and picture represented. I have re-kindled my interest now and have had a great time researching images for this collection.

I bought a few books written and illustrated by a Native Indian gentleman, Northwest Native Art: Basic Forms By  Robert E. Stanley Sr. that teach people about Haida and similar art forms and how to draw the shapes. Great stuff if you want to read and learn and teach the kids. I found them at a neat website Pacific Northwest Shop. Go have a squiz at the cool stuff they have.


Hope you like these embroidery designs inspired by the beautiful and stiking art of the Northwest Coast Indians.

Basic Red, Black and White are the traditional colours. Sometimes blue or turquise for the eye decoration.

22 designs - all for $7.00

8 designs in large and small sizes

6 single designs


click to view larger images and design specifications


design image

Grizzly Bear - 2 sizes


design image

Eagle 1 - 2 sizes

 design image

Eagle 2 - 1 size


 design image

Whale 1 - 2 sizes


design image 

Dogfish - 2 sizes


design image

Four Faces - 1 size

 design image

Double Raven Face

1 size

 design image

Raven Face - 2 sizes


 design image

Eagle Face - 2 sizes


 design image

Double Eagle Face

1 size

 design image

Double Killer Whale Face

1 size

 design image

Killer Whale Face

2 sizes



Wolf Face - 2 sizes


design image

Double Wolf Face

1 size


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Cultural Art Collection 4

22 designs
for only $7.00

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