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~ Christmas Cracker Alpha 2009 ~

Christmas crackers are an old tradition in many cultures. When families sit around the table for Christmas dinner, each person has a cracker at their plate. Everyone takes turns pulling the crackers apart with the one sitting next to them, hoping to get the prize hidden inside! As the two people hold each end of the cracker and each give a quick pull at the same time causing a loud CRACK sound, the prize is awarded to the one holding the end with string.

These FREE Christmas Cracker embroidery designs are filled with the joy of sewing them for someone special at Christmas..

They would make the perfect personalized napkin for your guests at Christmas dinner.

Thanks to my freind Doreen, The Brit from Texas, who kindly suggested the idea of doing an alpha using a Christmas cracker. =)

Merry Christmas Image

(example shown above)

Font used is "Dora"

Each letter is availble in upper case with the cracker,

cracker sample image

Upper case alone and lower case alone. 




Dora Font Image Sample


Download Dora Letters A to F WITH Cracker

Download G to J WITH Cracker

Download K to N WITH Cracker

Download O to R WITH Cracker

Download S to Z WITH Cracker

(also contains plain cracker and Merry Christmas Designs)


Download Dora Letters A to F upper and lower case

Download G to J upper and Lower case

Download K to N upper and lower case

Download O to R upper and lower case

Download S to Z upper and lower case



 These FREE embroidery designs are in PCS format,

you can convert to most any other format using a conversion program.
Click below for a free download.


   Tajima Pulse-Ambassador Conversion Software

Click here for a tutorial on using Pulse-Ambassador

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  Click here for a tutorial on using Truesizer

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