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Chinese Zodiac Elements Collection

machine embroidery designs by CinDes


To what element does your sign belong?

Chinese Zodiac Element machine embroidery designs

They are available in DST, HUS, JEF, PES, VIP formats

They will fit 180x130mm, 100x100mm hoops.

All 5 element designs in 2 sizes, PLUS 2 Yin Yang designs in 2 sizes, total of 14 designs!

2 FREE designs = 5 Elements Designs!

PLEASE!!! Allow 24 hours for designs to be sent to the email address you provide to PayPal.

Element Earth

sm- 99x88mm stitches-6620

lg- 141x125mm stitches-11250

Element Fire

sm- 99x96mm stitches-7139

lg- 132x127 stitches-10078

Element Metal

sm- 99x69 stitches-5718

lg- 176x121mm stitches-12882

Element Water

sm- 99x75 stitches- 6281

lg- 169x127 stitches- 13498

Element Wood

sm- 99x82 stitches- 6204

lg- 154x127 stitches- 11994

Yin Yang 2

sm- 80x99mm stitches-16576

lg- 126x157mm stitches-34475

Yin Yang 3

sm- 99x99mm stitches- 19196

lg- 126x126mm stitches- 29030


FREE 5 Elements Design in 2 sizes!!

FREE 5 Elements Design

lg- 144x126mm stitches- 13596

sm- 99x93mm stitches- 6552



Purschase the Complete Chinese Zodiac Elements Collection for $5.00

6 Designs in 2 sizes = 12 Designs

Choose Format

Due to time differences around the world.. Allow for at least 24 hours to recieve your designs by email.

PLEASE be patient!

We use PayPal™ for ALL purchases

We use PayPal for all purchases 


Want to use CinDes on items that you sell?

Purchase a Commercial License

Commercial License

One time fee of $25.00 

Gives you limited rights to sew CinDes designs on items you sell.   
See my Terms of Use for details. 

All purchases in US Dollars



 All orders will be sent via Email to the address you provide with your order. 

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